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Representation Services

Our extensive experience dealing with taxing authorities across the United States has enabled us to achieve a level of expertise that can ensure our clients they are being properly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies.

Our tax team specializes in past due tax liabilities. That is why accountants and other tax firms refer their clients to us when there is a problem. There are twenty-six parts to the Internal Revenue Service’s manual. Each can be several hundred pages in length. Our experts focus specifically on what’s relevant to resolving your tax liability and understand exactly what the IRS can and cannot do. Their knowledge and expertise ensure you are treated fairly and receive the best possible arrangement.

Turning to a tax expert can save you time, money, and stress. Whether it is an Offer In Compromise, partial payment installment agreement, or releasing tax liens, we will provide you with the best possible solution. 

Owing $70,000 to paying $40.00

The client owed $70,000 to the IRS. She accrued these liabilities because she had a really bad on the job accident and her employer tried to deny the claim for benefits.

She had to drain her IRA for medical and living expenses, generating large balances and penalties. We filed an Offer in compromise for her, with the Offer amount being $40. After negotiating with the offer examiner, we agreed to the original Offer terms and she paid only $40 to the IRS to settle the $70,000 debt. That is 0.06% of the debt.

The client later won a lawsuit against the employer and was able to receive a sizable judgment. Had I not previously settled her IRS debt, she would have had to pay the entire $70,000 to the IRS out of her proceeds.

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Owing $800,000 to paying $2,700

My client was a timber land broker who negotiated multi-million-dollar land deals. He owed the IRS $800,000. Unfortunately, he was always playing

catch-up with his balance and paying the older years first. First, we explained the importance of focusing on the current year. Then we submitted an Offer in Compromise for a total of $2,700.

The Offer was initially denied, but we Appealed the decision. On Appeal, the agent agreed with us and

the IRS accepted the Offer. He paid only $2,700 on

an $800,000 liability.

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Owing $90,000 to paying $3,000

Eleanore hired me with an IRS liability of approximately $90,000, which consisted mostly of business taxes on forms 940, 941, and 1120. She is an 80+ year old woman who owns and operates a nursing home that she took over when her husband died. She was missing a few years of tax returns, and had been assessed a penalty by the IRS for failing to file her Social Security forms.

Upon thorough inspection of the taxpayer’s liabilities, it became apparent that there had been some serious miscalculations both by the taxpayer and by the IRS. We filed amended returns to correct all of the mistakes and filed original returns on the missing periods. I also filed a request for the waiver of the penalties associated with the SS forms.

Once all the returns were processed, the taxpayer’s liability had been reduced to $60,000 from $90,000. I then set up the Installment Agreement and got her formally protected from any further enforced collections. I filed a request to reduce the penalties which was granted in part and I appealed the portions denied. I was eventually successful in those appeals. The taxpayer’s final balance was reduced to approximately $3,000, which resulted in a total savings of over 95%.

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Owing $200,000 to receiving $180,000

A client of mine inherited two properties from her deceased father and sold them both at a loss. However, the losses never made it to her tax returns. A few years later the IRS issued a deficiency notice and assessed her with nearly $200,000 in tax debt for the sold property. Soon afterwards, the client sold another property and the IRS captured the proceeds of the sale. Even after the proceeds were paid the taxpayer still owed the IRS over $100,000.

The client hired me about a year later to address the $100,000 she still owed, but in my research I discovered the issue with the house and realized that she didn’t owe any of the money to the IRS and was due a substantial refund. We prepared the returns and filed the appropriate forms with the IRS to have the issue resolved. Instead of paying the IRS $100,000, she got a check from them for $180,000.

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